Thursday, April 8, 2010

Your Smile Is Hideous!

I preface the following tale with the disclaimer that my husband has a beautiful smile and some of the whitest teeth I have ever seen not from a strip. When we met, it was one of the first things I noticed (along with incredible eyes and shamefully long eyelashes for a man!) that drew me like a moth to a six footed flame.

Apparently, not everyone agrees with this assessment.

I had to miss going to my daughters dance class because my eldest had a stomach ache. The two of us stayed home, while my youngest, my husband and my Mom headed to watch the theatrics.

I'm not sure how it all came about, given the broken telephone nature of this recounting, but I guess my youngest was upset about something and my husband was trying to cheer her up. He said one thing he really liked about her was her new smile with lost teeth. This upset her and she began to get agitated. To further smooth her now ruffled feathers, he carried staunchly forward, telling her how her smile was beautiful and that he loved when she did her little characteristic close mouthed grin. He decided to emphasize his point by turning in his seat and showing her the cute little re-enactment of said smile.

"When you smile like "this," (pause for imitation of smile) it's so cute. I just love it."

Cheer her up, this did not. Instead, he was met with wailing crying from the back seat.

"What's wrong? I'm showing you your little grin that I love!"

"Daddy, that's NOT how I smile. At all. Are you saying that's what I look like when I smile? That looks HIDEOUS!!"

Oops. Now not only was my daughter fraught with angst about her smile, but my husband was a little chagrined to learn he too looked hideous when he grinned. Tear inducingly so!

I guess at that point my husband tried to back peddle and tell my daughter that he didn't have a very nice smile, and that clearly he wasn't able to REALLY imitate the beauty of hers. She wasn't buying what he was selling at that point.

I wish I had been there to witness this little exchange. In my eyes, those two individual smiles light up my life. One of them is a big, wide, white expanse of devilish gleam and the other is a sly, mischievous lopsided grin. Both are beautiful and quirky and unique in their own rights.

At that moment, I'm sure I would have had a little Cheshire Cat grin of my own.

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