Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 3 Of The Cleanse

So, I'm on the third day of the cleanse I started. (I blogged about it last week) How is it going you ask? (I know you did!) Let me tell you!

On Day 1, it took some time to get my stuff together and figure out what I was eating and drinking and when. The meals themselves aren't that far off from anything I eat now really, so it's not that much of a strain and I don't feel deprived. The only thing is the no carbs but I load up on veggies. If I'm still hungry, I just have more. The cleanse says the veggies are unlimited (except for a few exceptions) so that's always a plus.

I also had a monster headache but surprisingly, by yesterday (Day 2) it was gone. I was instructed to go to bed by 10pm so that I would get 8 hours of sleep. For me, I figured, this would be tough. Well, crazy as it sounds, I was in bed by 930pm the first night and 10pm last night.

I've been doing the walking, swinging my arms and other than forgetting to take my second dose of flax, been following the program to a T.

I could handle not having to drink the psyllum husks (gross) or eating so much flax, but other than that, this is totally do able. Of course, I'm 3 days in. You might want to ask me in another 10 days.

On top of the cleanse, I'm trying to train a puppy and figure out a schedule for her and my family, as well as the daycare. It's a balancing act and I feel a little stressed at times.

The "going to bed early" and blissfully zoning out seems to be helping to remedy that stress. Now I can finally understand those individuals that use sleep to tune out the world.



  1. Hey cool! You went to bed by 10pm?? I'm shocked!! It feels good getting lots of sleep, doesn't it??? I'm a huge fan of sleeping.zzzzzzzzzz Glad the headache didn't last. Try warming the cran juice just a bit (20sec or so) and have the psyllium sit in the liquid for 15 min then it will be easier, almost jello like. Do you have flax seeds or flax oil?

  2. LOL I know eh? Chris was amazed and scared that I was so tired by 930pm! Last night, I fell asleep at 9pm!! Crazy. I think I used to get a second wind around 9ish and stay up til midnight. Now, I lie down as soon as the kids are all settled and I turn the tv off and the books go away-and I'm OUT in minutes. I tried letting the psyllium sit, but that's even grosser for me. LOL I just put it in and then chug it down after a minute or two-as fast as I can. It's still eww. I didn't get the flax oil because I had a big bag of flax seeds from the bulk barn and the book said those were fine-with the added benefit of additional fiber! I was putting them in and on foods-but now I find it works best for me to just put the majority in my morning smoothie and save 1 tbsp for the evening on my dinner. When the seeds are done, I'll get the oil. It was like 25 bucks so I held off. I'm missing my tea, and something to "snack" on at times....I grab raw veggies but it just isn't the same. LOL

  3. Hey! I just had a minute to read a backlog of your posts. Wondering what exactly you were attempting to 'cleanse'? What was the end result?

  4. Hey Lisa-just saw this now. I've had a lot of really bad heartburn off and on, and I also just wanted to prepare myself to eat healthier by getting rid of whatever crap I'd subjected myself to as well. Plus, I heard this cleanse wasn't radical or crazy-cause I'm not a fan of juicing or soups or not eating. LOL I went back to my old ways unfortunately-but while doing this cleanse-my hair and skin and energy levels were amazing. Hmmm, maybe I should do it again. LOL