Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grocery Shopping With My Mom

My Mom is visiting for the next while, and today we headed out to get some groceries for Easter, as well as the things that my Mom particularly likes to eat in her daily routine.

Let me pause right now to let you know.....shopping with my Mom is a dangerous, dangerous thing.

My Mom and I are both what I'd call "foodies." We talk about food, we think about food, we probably enjoy food a little too much. I love perusing recipes and even grocery store flyers! I enjoy trying new foods and eating something extra delicious seems decadently indulgent.

As we were strolling through the aisles picking out items for our contributions to Easter dinner, many other foods not on the "list" made it into the cart. I'd grab something and ask my Mom, "Have you tried these? Oh my, you HAVE to try them" and in they'd go. Then my Mom would see something and inquire, "Should I get these? Just to have?" The cart began piling up with Easter dinner as well as many, many other yummy goodies.

What qualifies as a goodie to me? I bet you're thinking something sweet or chocolaty, right? You'd be dead WRONG. Nope, what floats our boats runs more along the lines of olives stuffed with garlic, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, artichoke hearts and blue cheese. I've also introduced my Mom to Swiss Chalet dipping sauce (NOT the gravy-read the labels carefully!) which is only one WW point. I, frankly, could drink the stuff. She's now as addicted as I am. I've also introduced her to Party Mix-which of course is nowhere near good for you, but dang it's good stuff, especially the ringolos. The sodium content requires me not to weigh myself for a few days due to water retention, however. It's an "occasional" snack at my place and I generally try to avoid it's grocery aisle totally.

When I grocery shop on my own, I go through the weekly flyers and see what's on sale. I then decide what my menu will look like for the next two weeks, excluding weekends where we fly by the seat of our collective pants, and based on those sale items. I then travel the aisles quite speedily, usually sticking to my list except for odds and ends I may have forgotten.

In contrast, my Mom and I strolled through the aisles perusing new items, talking about favourite dishes, planning for upcoming meals and sharing ideas. We meandered leisurely and picked up some of our individual favs for the other to enjoy.

It was a little slice of Heaven, I tell ya. The only thing better will be the sampling of these wares. Of course, then comes the tears when she leaves as I see the scale and have to climb my way back to my normal eating routine.

For today though........savouring life's little morsels of culinary joy.

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