Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am counting down the days until my new fav show is back after it's long, long, long hiatus. That's right folks, GLEE. You can call me a Gleek and I'll wear it with pride.

We've spent the time getting our Gleek on by listening to all of the soundtracks by the show, and I can safely say that I can sing along to absolutely every single one of them.

My family has totally gone Glee nuts. My daughters love the music, and enjoyed watching some episodes (with some channel changing and muting when inappropriate stuff came on the screen!) and we all have our fav characters.

While Finn maybe the main character/hunk....he's not my type of guy. I'm ALL about Puck. This upcoming season, the tease has been that while we THINK we know the characters, it's all going to get changed up and people will do things we least expect from them. BRING IT!

I've also heard about lots of exciting cameos from some awesome actors, like Neil Patrick Harris and even a Madonna music inspired episode.

It's supposed to be back April 4th......and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait.

Can ya tell????


  1. Just heard the date for the show-not april 4th....

    Glee is back April 13th!!!