Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I Didn't Have Bad Luck, I'd Have No Luck At All

On the continuation of my craptastic week, I woke up this morning prepared to do my normal, run of the mill, everyday routine with my eyes half closed. Little did I know how half closed those eyes would end up being.

I have no idea how this happened, or that it's happened inexplicably before as well. I went to put my contact lenses in and was having trouble with one. My eye was watering, I thought I could feel an eyelash in there or something, and it just felt all wrong. I took it out and decided to inspect it a little further. There, in a horseshoe shape, sat a scratch on the lens. How in heck it got there overnight I don't know.

The last time this happened, I wore my contact anyways. That was a big mistake. I ended up scratching my cornea and the pressure in my eye was unbearable. I had to wear my glasses for almost a month and being in the light was like being a Vampire during daylight. I hated my glasses at that time too, so on top of pain was mortification.

I wear gas permeable lenses, which are hard lenses. They are more expensive than soft and obviously are prone to breaking or cracking. I have really bad eyesight as well as astigmatism. I got smart the last time I was ordering contacts though and ordered a new snazzy pair of Coach glasses that I would be okay with wearing if anything horrendous should happen once more.

I can only think that maybe the crack was on its way and just finally gave out or that I was just due for a new pair. The bad news is that my optometrist is in my hometown and I live several hours away. I left two messages today with no response. All I want is one left eye contact re-ordered and shipped ASAP. I don't know the procedure for all of this, having just gone to my optometrists and received new contacts the old fashioned way in the past. Did I mention I want them like yesterday as well? Even with my fancy schmancy fan dangled glasses, I'd rather my contacts and sunglasses any day.

Seriously, this week is beginning to take its' toll. I'm rethinking even leaving the confines of my four walls for fear of what's going to happen next. Bad luck runs in three's, haven't ya heard???

If you're me, bad luck is your constant nemesis, hence the old saying in the title. Truer words have never been spoken.

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