Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got The Book, Now To Start The Plan!

My friend Julie told me about a diet and exercise plan she'd been on, and which she had seen terrific results. I'm not really a fad diet type of gal, but after reading online about this one, and asking my friend her thoughts, it seemed a health based concept, not just a weight loss one. Hence, not a "fad" diet at all.

It starts off a little scary, though the loss of inches and weight sound downright amazing! The first two weeks are a cleanse of sorts, or a detox for the liver. You have to cut A LOT of things out and drink some kind of funky stuff too, but the goal is to cleanse and rest and get you ready for how you should really be eating for life. You can continue it for up to a month, but the author says it would get boring fast, and Phase 2 is to continue on your new path. You continue to lose weight and inches if that's your goal as well.

Some of the premises include keeping a journal, walking 20 minutes a day with your arms swinging but not too quickly, rebounding for 5 minutes on a mini trampoline and sleeping 8 hours a night. That doesn't sound too "out there" right? Just pretty healthy, normal activity.

The first Phase has you eliminating caffeine, sugar, breads, pasta and grains. Oh, and alcohol. You add in warm water with lemon every morning, some cranberry juice "long life" shots and a whole lot of flaxseed oil and psyllium fiber. This is to, ahem, get things moving. I said it's a cleanse, dudes!

After the two weeks though, you reintroduce some foods, one to two things a week at a time. The idea is that you can see how you react, and journal which foods seem to not really work for your body. I've been having horrific heartburn for awhile now, really since the birth of my second daughter. That heartburn has grown increasingly painful, and I need to figure out what's triggering that for me. My family also have some food sensitivities, so I'd like to see which foods factor for me and eliminate,or at least control consumption. I have a feeling dairy will be a culprit, which doesn't really bother me too much because I don't really eat any as something I like or crave. (I know, I know. My calcium intake is a worry! Multivitamin and calcium supplement. No worries! Also, there is calcium in leafy greens like kale and bok choy which I LOVE)

So, right now I'm just reading the book, which I got today. I'm hoping to get the supplies I need over the weekend and maybe give this plan a go starting next Tuesday-ish. It'll depend on if this 'ol smalltown even carries some of these "frou-frou" health products.

If you are interested in more info or would like to try it out, the name of the book is "The Fat Flush Plan" by Ann Louise Gittleman. You can also search the community boards at:

Fat, Be Flushed!

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