Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gotta Have A March Break Post

We're nearing the end of March Break and I thought I'd share some of the highlights.

On Monday, we attended a birthday party at an indoor skating rink. The girls had a blast, and it was a great idea. It was for two siblings, who chose to share their birthdays. Instead of gifts, they asked for monetary or food donations for the Food Bank. Everyone got to skate and then have some treats. When we got home, the neighbours all decided to keep the festivities and food sharing going, so we all did a street barbecue. Everyone pitched in various items and we sat outside enjoying the sun and each other. Later, after the begging and pleading of the kids, my neighbour had my daughter over for a sleepover.

Tuesday was just the girls and I as my husband had to head in to work. Boo! Hiss!! We spent the day going in and out of the house, playing both in and out. In the afternoon, both girls were invited to play over at various friends houses, and off they went. We decided to grill yet again. Why not? The weather was absolutely astounding.

Another sunny day dawned on Wednesday and both girls had made plans earlier in the week. They headed off to a friends house for the morning and lunch. The girls are siblings and are friends with my girls. I picked them up after lunch, only to escort my youngest to another playdate and dinner at a friends. We were dressed all in our green for St. Patrick's day, the food was made, but we decided to forgo eating it so that my youngest could partake.

Today, the sun is shining again, and yet snow is back on the forecast. So far this morning, my youngest has learned to ride her two wheeler sans training wheels and my eldest has secured a friend to come over to work on a project. We're going to a free movie, Planet 51, this afternoon. All of the neighbours are going, and then we' guessed outside all together. I'll be picking up some burgers and hotdogs I guess! I'll throw together a salad too. My daughter's friend will join us and we'll take her home around 9pm. Hopefully they'll get a lot of their project done too!

I'm back to work tomorrow, but my husband and daughters will enjoy the day together. Coming up this weekend is "Puppy's first bath!" THAT should be interesting!

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