Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Tired To Type

I've had a few restless and generally sleepless nights lately, so I'm frankly too tired today to really write anything substantial. Therefore, you get the delight of reading some bullet thoughts that are currently in my wee noggin'.

-Tired. So tired. Man I'm tired. Geeze. I need a nap.

-Kate Gosselin on DWTS? Seriously? When can we get away from this woman once and for all?

-It's sunny and beautiful out today. Yet, I'm too tired to do anything about those two adjectives. Maybe I'll sit in front of a window?

-The Bachelor was beyond horrible. I keep saying I'm finished with this show, and yet I can't turn away from the trainwreck.

-More running around to do tonight and tomorrow night. Thursday can't come fast enough.

-I have a million "To Do's" and no "Get up and go's".

-I need something to read, then I could sleep.

-Is this day over yet?

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