Monday, March 29, 2010

This Month May Be The Death Of Me

My husband informed me that he was going to play some football last night with some guys from work. My husband is 40. These "guys" are 20-somethings. After literally no time at all, I hear my blackberry buzzing with a pin from my hubs. He said he screwed his knee and heard a pop. I didn't know how serious it was, so I asked if he could pick up some milk on the way home. I'm ever the empathetic wife, no? His reply was "are you serious???" I figured at that point that maybe it was pretty bad after all.

Fast forward to today, and a visit to the Emergency. The doctors drained several needles full of blood and did some x-rays. They surmise that he tore his cartilage because of the amount of blood they drained from the swelling. If he had just strained or sprained something, the blood wouldn't be so copious. For now, he's to stay off it for a few days and keep icing it. He has crutches to get around, but he's mostly just sitting unless he has to move. If he can't put any weight on it in a week's time, or if the swelling doesn't go down, he'll have to go back to the doctor and they'll order an MRI with the possibility of surgery. Fun times!!!

Back to my empathy now. I don't drive, which I know is totally ridiculous but I can't solve TODAY, and that means that the groceries that I need to get and the activities my girls go to on Mondays and Wednesdays, are going to suffer. I'm begging neighbours and friends but I have to admit, this sucks.

The other thing that is annoying about this snag in the road is the fact that mid-April my husband is travelling. Then again the week after that. Oh, then the first week of May he goes to Mexico. What the $##@!!!!! It's all ME baby. All of the doggy care, all of the kiddie care, and now apparently also all of the hubby care. It may also mean my girls miss some activities. I'm kind of annoyed.

Yes, I know he didn't snap like a frail withered twig on purpose. I know he's old and frail. (HA!) It just cramps my style and is seriously going to be draining.

Really though, I feel for the guy.

Sort of.

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  1. That sucks!! At least it's a sports injury and not something that happened getting out of the tub or walking down stairs. Still sucks though!