Friday, March 5, 2010

My Thursday Evening Of Fun

Where do I start on my glamorous tale of the fun and excitement that made up my evening yesterday?

My husband, though back from his trip, had to work late. That means he wasn't home for dinner or for the evening routine of homework and bedtime and all of that good stuff. That's not really a huge deal, I'm used to it in our many years together, but last night in particular.....well, it would have been nice to have an extra hand.

It started off pretty well. I made dinner and was enjoying a glass of wine (before the detox starts!) My girls and I sat down at the table to eat, when my youngest said she just didn't feel great. I told her to go and lie down on the couch for a bit and see if that helps. Ya, not so much. She ended up throwing up all over herself, the couch and the floor. Good times! After I cleaned all of that up and changed her and got her settled in my bed with a bowl, I turned my attentions to my eldest daughter. She had a project due today, including a Bristol board to complete. In a disastrous turn of events, she had left her info at school. Ugh. She was working steadily at putting new information together and had almost completed the Bristol board.

After a few more times vomiting, I got my youngest to sleep. It was then that I noticed the time and the fact that my eldest was getting past her bedtime. I asked her what she had left to complete, and assured her I'd type it up for her and stick it to the board. I'm a glutton for punishment apparently.

My husband arrived home as I was watching Private Practice, while intermittently cleaning up vomit and wiping my daughters face. When my kids are sick, they get to sleep in with me and my husband gets relegated to their beds. It's just easier than the whole house being awakened over and over again. However, I still had to do my Grade 5 homework. I asked my husband to sit with my daughter while I went and worked (at 11pm) on the last piece of my daughters project.

I heard a few more vomits as I typed and printed away. Finally, at 1140pm, I glued the last paper to her board and trudged back up to bed.

It was a restless night of wake and sleep and vomit and worry, and morning came way too fast.

My eldest went off to school, project complete and looking great. She really had done most of it, except for the last piece.

My youngest is home and seems better, especially with a little Gravol in her stomach. She's still not eating and she's still making trips to the bathroom, but at least it's not the constant worry of surprise attacks!

As for me? I'm doing laundry, disinfecting bathrooms, changing beds and generally just dragging myself through the day.

Thank Goodness it's Friday. Fingers crossed the rest of us remain well and sleep doesn't allude me tonight!

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