Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lapse In Blogging

It wasn't my intention to take some time off from blogging the last few days, but there ya have it. My week was just THAT exciting that I had no time to write.

My Mom arrived on Wednesday for a visit for a few weeks. As soon as she got here, my girls were all over her and I'm sure it was within an hour that they had her crafting and reading and scratching their backs. She taught them how to make little boxes out of note cards only using a stapler and ruler. They, of course, were in heaven. Me? Not so much. I do not look forward to hundreds of little cardboard boxes everywhere in my house, nor the loss of all of my cards.

We got Granny settled in with her own bathroom and bedroom and got all of her stuff tucked away, but with a little sadness. Granny left the next day til Sunday (tomorrow) to visit with a friend she hasn't seen in 40 years and stay at her place in a town about 1 hour away. The girls were definitely not stoked to have Granny arrive and leave again within a short 24 hours, but they understood this was an exciting adventure for my Mom. We waved her off and we will pick her back up tomorrow.

She's staying with us into mid April so the girls will have many, many a night with their beloved favourite person. (next to me, of course) They are arguing over who gets to sleep with Granny when and they've already eaten all of the Worther's candies she brought.

It's great having my Mom here, just chatting and laughing into the night. I don't get much sleep, but because I don't get to see her as often as I used to, it's all worth it. She's a very special person to my girls and I love watching them interacting together. The time goes very quickly and then she's off again.

You'll have to excuse the hit and miss blogging for the next little while as I enjoy having my Mom filling my days.

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